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An Innovation of Style

The unveiling of twelve new models for Phase VI of Village Ferme Ferris brought about great changes at Bena Construction in 2011. Since then, two new semi-detached models and the new townhome models have had a very positive launch.

When our team gathered around the drawing board, it was important for us to re-invent not only our exterior architectural lines, but also to create interior living spaces that were unique. With our managers’ open mindedness and their desire for change, we were able to draw original divisions of space that were both practical and elegant.

Inspired by our different lifestyles, we knew these models would attract a large variety of visitors. Also, after many years of customizing homes to satisfy the personal needs of our clients, we have a lot of experience in designing great homes!

At a single glance it is clear that our models are all unique. We invested a lot of time in the designs of the kitchens. For example, placing them at the heart of the home is an alternative to the classical kitchen in the back, depending on your needs. Placing the living room in the back allows you to admire your garden rather than the street, while placing it in the front makes it the first thing people see when they enter the house. Another new design feature that was adopted in several of our models is an open concept living space. However, some models still feature a more intimate dining room in order to fulfill everyone’s needs.

Of course, practicality was another issue we made sure to address in designing our homes. The division lines are more square in order to simplify furniture placement. Entrances are spacious and washrooms vary in order to satisfy bath or shower preferences. Laundry rooms can be located on the second floor in order to facilitate this task and kitchens include islands or peninsulas in order to maximize working space. More than one closet on the main floor also make for easier seasonal changes.

Overall elegant touches must be included as well. We now offer many different exterior packages to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Many windows light up every room efficiently. In addition, our new standards have been increased in value and variety, such as elegant, centered, wide staircases, double entrance doors, second floors reserved exclusively for kids, kitchen islands, lifetime warranty shingles, and so on and so forth.

All of our models plans can equally be modified to suit your personal taste. Bena Construction is committed to working in collaboration with its customers in order to realize their vision.

Now, all you have to do is chose the model that’s right for you!