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A Tradition of Quality

During the past 30 years, Bena Construction has been distinguished by its quality of construction and by its openness to fulfill the desires of clients who wish to personalize their homes. As a Quebec builder, Bena Construction is accredited by the GCR (Garantie Construction Résidentielle), an association which provides new home owners with a warranty on their home, and is a member of A.P.C.H.Q. (Association des Constructeurs Professionals Habitation du Québec). Based on their high customer satisfaction rate, which exceeded 97%, and due to the number of years in business, in 2014, Bena Construction received the highest award, the diamond plaque. This prestigious award was attained after achieving first the bronze plaque, followed by silver, then gold, and then platinum.

This family owned and operated construction company consists of four members of the large Ayoub family. Mikhael, Ayoub, George, and Adel founded Bena Construction in 1986. Experience and excellent project management helped build the many houses in Aylmer in the following areas: 12th Avenue, Beaulac, and Terrace Eardley, as well as a small residential project in Le Plateau, Hull.

In 1992, Bena Construction attained a huge success with their first large-scale residential project, Terrasse de l’ambassade in Hull, which included 112 houses on Marcel Chaput. Between 1992 and 1997, a few residences in Ottawa were built in Kanata Lake and Paddak Way. After the realisation of the Terrace Vanier Project in Aylmer, Bena Construction’s team has been building its new Village Ferme Ferris Project in Aylmer since 2002.

The greatest priority of Bena Construction lies in the quality of its construction. The regular visits of the project manager to the site ensure a continuous collaboration between the workers, suppliers, and the company as a whole. Everyone needs to respond to the high expectations of good construction. Visitors can observe this quality for themselves when they visit our many model homes.

Bena Construction strives to attain a very high level of customer service at every contact point with its customers. Whether it’s the first visit to the sales office, the interaction between the team and the customers during the construction, or the service received after the sale, Bena Construction is always available and ready to serve.