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30 Years of History

During the past 30 years, Bena Construction has been distinguished by its quality of construction and by its openness to fulfill the desires of clients who wish to personalize their homes. As a Quebec builder, Bena Construction is accredited by Abritat (formerly known as the A.P.C.H.Q.), an association which provides new home owners with a warranty on their home. Based on their high customer satisfaction rate, which exceeded 97%, and due to the number of years in business, in 2014, Bena Construction received the highest award, the diamond plaque. This prestigious award was attained after achieving first the bronze plaque, followed by silver, then gold, and then platinum.


An Innovation of Style

When our team was gathered around the drawing board, it was important to re-invent not only our exterior architectural lines, but also to create interior living spaces that were unique. With the spirit of our managers and their mutual desire for a change, we were able to draw original divisions of space that were both practical and elegant.